Adopting Colt - Part 1

My friends and family all know that I am decisive and impulsive. If I get something in my head, I need to do it right then and there. Whether it's a drastic haircut, a new pair of sneakers, or an ice cream cone - if I decide I want or need something, its very likely I am going to go do or get that thing very soon. I have been working to take a step back and assess, to be less impulsive but I have come to realize that this is engrained in my character and seems to be hardwired. 

First of all, I love animals. I grew up with an amazing Samoyed (*Google right now if you aren't familiar with this breed), and I had three rabbits throughout my life. I always knew I wanted a dog of my own, but I didn't think this would happen at age 25!

I was working long hours in February 2017 and keeping myself very busy while dealing with the end of a relationship. One morning I was scrolling through Petfinder (don't do this if you are not ready to adopt a dog, you WILL fall in love). I landed upon the most adorable Lab-mix puppies that I could not stop staring at. I was screenshot-ing like crazy and texting pictures to friends and family members (all of whom thought I was totally nuts). I inquired about an adorable Black Lab mix named Hamilton, and it turned out that he was already being adopted. Though I was disappointed, Stacy from Unleashed quickly sent me photos of an adorable 10 week old rescue named Monty. In that instant, I fell in love. 

I quickly arranged to visit Monty who was found in South Carolina but was transported by Unleashed to an amazing foster in New Jersey. It was love at first sight, upon seeing the puppy I was squealing and making noises I didn't know could come out of my mouth. He was cuddly and tiny and perfect and I knew right away he was mine. 

We moved through the process quickly, and two days before my 26th birthday I went to NJ to pick up Monty, now named Colt. 

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